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Alexandra and Central Otago have many different things to offer during the summer months. Including the Central Otago Rail Trail, Wine tours and Goldmining.

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Central Otago

Attractions In Central Otago, Alexandra

  • Central Otago Rail Trail

    The entire trail is a little over 150km, starting in Clyde and ending in Middlemarch. You can cycle or walk as much or as little as you want to. There are various tour companies that will plan your trip for you, leading through amazing scenery including going through schist tunnels, over viaducts and visiting historic gold mining sites.

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  • Gold Mining In Central Otago

    Using the historic method of gold panning, you can try your luck and explore the historic gold fields. Endulge in Central Otago's Gold Heritage, with attractions such as Bendigo Goldfields, Doctor's Point, the lonely Graves at Horsesshoe Bend and the Bannockburn Sluicings.

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  • River Cruisers

    Cruise along the Clutha River to witness amazing scenery and spot historic sites such as old gold mining huts along the way.

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  • Horse Trekking

    You can go on everything from paddock rides to Rail Trail treks and enjoy Alexandras scenery along the way.

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  • Kayaking

    Take guided or unguided tours along the snakey rivers of Alexandra. Explore the shcist hut ruins along the mighty Clutha River, or paddle along the Manuherikia River.

  • Alexandra Clock

    Walk up the mountain to the Alexandra clock. Built in 1968 to serve as a timepiece for the community.

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