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Cherry Tree


Once ripened from the intense Central Otago sun shine, the cherries are delicately hand picked by our staff and then sent to our onsite grading packhouse. Our most popular varieties include the dark, sweet, firm and crunchy variety of Lapin, which can often reach to a diameter of 38mm. Other varities include Bing, Sweet Valentine, Sonnet, Stella, Sweetheart, Staccato, Dawson, Lambert and many others.

Compac Sort InVision Technology

Technology Grading

Within our state of the art packhouse, we use advanced technology developed by Compac Sorting Equipment to accurately size and grade every cherry. Each individual cherry is photographed by colour and infered cameras, upto 96 images per cherry, to view upto 100% of the cherries surface . These photographs are then assessed with leading software algorithms and advanced machine learning and directed to the correct size and grade. The result; The consumer recieves only perfect cherries.

Compac Sort Technology

Staff Grading

After being assessed and sorted by Compac's sorting technology, the cherries are checked again by staff and workers. Any remaining defected cherries will be removed.
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Once checked by our staff, the cherries are then carefully packaged, and sent to our exclusive exporter, Freshco.
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